We help the good guys win.

We are a brand consultancy based in New York City and San Francisco. We integrate strategy, creative and marketing activation to unlock the potential of brands and move businesses forward.

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  • How do you design systems to scale globally?

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  • How do you reverse engineer a parent brand?

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  • How can a brand portfolio unlock a company’s potential?

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  • How do you craft a hospitality brand from a world-class chef?

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Champions and dreamers

From large to small, we help category leaders and emerging challengers put positive ideas to work. We deliver commercial success, but most critical is the sense of ownership and empowerment that our methodology provides our clients.


Changing the film production business one production at a time.

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A Slice of Py

If you live in the US coastal states (or visit, or read the news) you have witnessed an impossible to ignore trend: everything cannabis.

We’ve met several entrepreneurs and investors looking to stake their claim in the cannabis economy. In early 2016, one stoked our interest, let’s call him Py. His first words were “I want to perfect the high experience”. He had us at ‘experience’.


Design Intern

Want experience working collaboratively and creatively within an interdisciplinary environment? Being a Design Intern at Velo means bringing your talent, passion and personality to the group and helping to define strategy, explore design opportunities and create expressions that uniquely communicate breakthrough ideas for our clients.


Relationship Design Model

After studying and working on relationship design for a few months we present a model and principles for designing relationships.