We help the good guys win.

We are a brand consultancy based in New York City. We integrate strategy, creative and marketing activation to unlock the potential of brands and move businesses forward.

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  • How do you design systems to scale globally?

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  • How do you reverse engineer a parent brand?

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  • How can a brand portfolio unlock a company’s potential?

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  • How do you craft a hospitality brand from a world-class chef?

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Champions and dreamers

From large to small, we help category leaders and emerging challengers put positive ideas to work. We deliver commercial success, but most critical is the sense of ownership and empowerment that our methodology provides our clients.

Ride With Us.

Velo is French for bicycle. We constantly move forward by collaborating with clients and partners. Reach out if you are interested in working with us, joining our team or going for a spin together.


Design Director

Velo is looking for a concept-first creative who wants to lead design collaborations across branding, experience and digital initiatives, inspire our team and clients and help creative moonshots come through.

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Designing relationships over experiences (Part 2)

How a select group of brands includes their customers and stakeholders in creating growth and results.

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Designing relationships over experiences (Part 1)

It’s time for brands to shift their focus from creating experiences to designing relationships.

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Senior Account Executive

Velo is seeking curious and active participants, who seek to work alongside influential leaders and companies that redefine what it means to be a brand consultant. You will play a critical role as the unifying force of a project team, regularly contributing to the work and the growth of the clients you manage.

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