A Slice of Py

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If you live in the US coastal states (or visit, or read the news) you have witnessed an impossible to ignore trend: everything cannabis.

Over the past four or five years, we’ve met several entrepreneurs and investors looking to stake their claim in the cannabis economy. In early 2016, one stoked our interest. Let’s call him Py.

Py’s first words were “I want to perfect the high experience”. He had us at ‘experience’.

Over the next 18 months, Py and the Velo team explored the history, science and art of cannabis. We researched attitudes, needs and wishes, from recreational to medicinal use. We consulted with experts and scientists. We attended conferences, forums and visited numerous dispensaries around the country. And in the end, we formulated the ideal experiences and ideated delivery systems and formats. We defined the purpose and promise, and created the name and brand. We developed the marketing activation plan in an ever  challenging and heavily regulated environment. And we incubated the team that is now seeing the product to launch.

In the process, we learned the politics and culture of cannabis and filled with excitement over the transformations taking place in this growing yet controversial sector, pursued an innovative brand and product development strategy with rigor and relentlessness.

Py is now confidently accelertaing the production, and will launch by years’ end. Between now and then, we’ll be sharing our musings in this blog. If you have specific questions, drop us a line here. We look forward to hearing from you.