The financial side of film production is one those business areas that hit the snooze button on becoming digital. For over a decade, the largest service providers continued to push dated and onerous software, avoiding progress in technology and environmental advances, like paperless practices and cloud platforms.

Then, in 2013, seeing room for making things better, an enterprising company was founded to change the film production business for good.

GreenSlate is now credited by production houses and film makers with bringing the production business into the new millennium. Initially targeted to independent film makers who couldn’t tackle the complexity of legacy systems, the company approached the innovation challenge as a technology firm, rather than an accounting firm would. The result – Reduced costs and environmental impact, a customer orientation that addresses the constantly shifting nature of film production, and savings that make the difference between profit and loss.

The startup years passed and the platform evolved at a fast pace. The executive team realized that building on their success and seizing the opportunity to be perceived as an alternative to the established competitors was a visionary path for future growth. They decided to re-launch the brand (changing the name from Indiepay to GreenSlate) and to create a new voice that conveys a radical shift in the business of production.

GreenSlate Case Study Interface Design

Velo worked with the GreenSlate executive team to create a new identity and expansive brand platform. We explored multiple visual/verbal concepts, testing them on a range of touch-points, from collateral to website and app interfaces. The result is a current, forward looking brand that confidently embraces its category to move forward with the tools and systems specific to the challenges of its business.


Brand Voice & Messaging / Visual Identity